Insulation properties

Another type of insulation, new properties that prevent overheating. Here you can have expectations, expectations that will be fulfilled!

Fázový posun teplotního kmitu
Phase shift of temperature oscillation

Comparison of specific heat capacities c [J/(kg.K]

Měkká PUR pěna 800
Glass wool840
Climatizer Plus®2020

A higher value prevents longer heat penetration through the insulation. The picture on the left shows the number of hours the insulation has withstood. In summer, Climatizer Plus keeps you cool during the day and at night you just need to prepare for another hot day.

Thermal characteristics

Lambda thermal conductivity coefficient [W/(m.K)]0,038
Bulk density p [kg/m3]30-90
Diffusion resistance factor µ [-]1,1-3
Specific heat capacity c [J/(kg.K)]2020
Phase shift of temperature oscillation – 30 cm open blowing [hour]6,6

A complete comparison of insulations on the market, their advantages and disadvantages can be found in Comparison of thermal insulation

Acoustic characteristics

Resistance to air flow AFr
at bulk density 45 kg/m3 [Pa.s.m2]
Resistance to air flow AFr
at bulk density 60 kg/m3 [Pa.s.m2]

Do not forget to take a look at our product of perfect acoustic insulationWolf acoustic boards, which can be perfectly combined with blown insulation.

Fire characteristics

Reaction to fire classC-s1, d0
Reaction to fire class (into closed cavity)B-s1, d0
Flame spread index0,00

For more information, including fire resistance videos, see the Fire Resistance page