Roof insulation

Roofs – pitched, steep, flat, hipped and semi-hipped.

If we look at cities and towns from a drone’s perspective, we still admire the typical Czech roof with burnt covering. In most Czech homes, a residential attic with a whole range of different sizes of skylights or dormers is hidden under such a roof.

Roofs – sloping, steep

Insulation is carried out by volume filling into the cavities.

When insulating the roof, we insulate every corner, every detail. You will appreciate the insulation of the roof not only in winter, but in case of global warming especially in summer. Climatizer Plus blown insulation prevents overheating, and by applying it between the rafters, you will ensure comfort that you would not be able to achieve with other insulation.

Roofs – flat

Insulation is carried out by volume filling into the cavity of the double-skinned roof.

Such roofs are most common in panel houses, in addition to modern family houses, and also in the special type of house called Šumperák and in garages or warehouse extensions.

Roofs of historic buildings

Climatizer Plus is suitable for use with old wooden elements. In order to better protect them in the course of time, which is inexorable even for wooden structures, and to preserve them for our future generations, nowadays it is necessary to insulate them with quality material.