Attic insulation

Attic of new buildings

Attic insulation during the construction of a new house is carried out during the installation of the roof. We proceed from the outer covering. We then perform the insulation from the inside of the attic. Insulation only between the rafters (supporting elements of the roof) is completely insufficient these days. It is necessary to create and account for the space under the rafters so that sufficient insulation is carried out for a satisfactory “energy efficiency of buildings”. Insulation with Climatizer Plus will improve the buildings energy efficiency making the building airtight.

Energy-efficient houses are green and desirable not only for their low energy consumption, but also give us the freedom to use our financial resources to cover other outgoings.

Attic of a built or older house

In the case of reconstruction, repair or simply additional insulation, we proceed in two different ways.

Insulation from the outside of the roof – the basement can be insulated from the outside. The craftsman or the thermal insulation applicator performs such insulation on the roof until (step by step in the rafter area) no area is left uncovered by ensuring the insulation is blown in all areas and spaces

Insulation from the inside – when adding insulation or insulating from the inside, we proceed in a similar way as when building a new roof. This is usually the insulation of the under-rafter parts of the structure. This method is also fast and, above all, clean. There is no waste insulation material as there is with rolled insulation, all material is injected directly into the cavity of the roof attic and using only the necessary amount, without no waste.