Insulation of the industrial buildings

Production, warehouses, car workshops, paint shops and other halls have their specifics.

For storage areas, there is the maximum temperature for stored goods. In winter, there will probably be no problem in such a heated building. The storekeepers will have to continually monitor to ensure the goods in the hall will be stored at the optimal temperature. If this is the case, Steel buildings with sheet metal roofs, which are tempered to acceptable winter temperatures, have one considerable problem. The warmer air rises and hits the sheet metal. But it is cold from the outside air. What will happen? Moisture will begin to condense on the inside. The droplets that form on the surface will slowly drip down. This phenomenon is undesirable and can be easily prevented with Climatizer Plus anti-condensation sprays.

But how is it in the summer? Such a building, which was only tempered in winter against freezing, has a bigger problem with summer temperatures. How to prevent overheating? Raw materials or stored goods are not completely immune to high temperatures. It needs quality insulation. In truss roofs, which are most common in industrial halls, this is best achieved with Climatier Plus blown insulation.

Selected references

We have already insulated many industrial buildings, here are some examples of them. You can find more in our references.