Insulation of horizontal cavities

We insulate every area of the horizontal cavities with blown-in insulation.

Cavity – a space limited on all sides. A space that is not easy to fill with board or roll insulation. A space that can be filled and insulated completely only with blown insulation.

Cavity insulation has certain specifics. Only an expert can advise you on the preferred application process for the cavity. Cavity filling with blown thermal insulation Climatizer Plus® is offered especially in the reconstruction of historical buildings. Previously there was no requirement in these buildings for insulation as they were exposed to normal temperatures for inhabitation and they were not heated.

The solution to protecting monuments with a tempered interior is easy due to Climatizer Plus® insulation. It adapts very well to natural wooden elements and copes very well with possible moisture.

The high-quality life of monuments is linked to the unique properties of natural cellulose insulation.