Energy savings with insulation

Energy savings of up to 60 % can be achieved when the entire house is insulated.

Advantages of using blown insulation

  • Price includes full insulation
  • Only needs to be installed once
  • Installed within a couple of hours
  • No need to vacate property whilst installation is being completed
  • No product waste, you pay for what you use
  • Maintenance free with fully backed guarantee

Price and return on investment in insulation

Climatizer Plus insulation for example in a family house.

The family house, which is heated in the winter, consumes energy to maintain the internal temperature. Energy consumption is expressed in total financial costs, which are directly dependent on the amount of energy consumed. Leaving aside the financial costs of DHW heating and lighting, the decisive factor is the energy consumption for heating.

Heat in the house escapes through various structures and the total loss of the building consists of heat losses, which are different for individual structures, e.g. roof of 30 %, windows of 20 %, wall of 10 %, and other structures remaining of 0 %.

Calculations on potential heat savings

Calculated for a family house with 116 m2 area.

What do such savings look like in figures for a real house with dimensions of 10.5 x 13 m and 116 m2 of built-up (and at the same time attic) area? In the case of insulated walls, floors and quality windows, but WITHOUT an insulated ceiling, the heat loss is about 50 %. Thanks to the “chimney effect”, up to half of the heat escapes from the house. In winter, heating such a large house with an uninsulated ceiling with brown coal will cost approximately CZK 21,000 per year. If you insulate the ceiling, you will reduce costs by 52 % to approx. CZK 10,000.

To insulate an area of 116 m2 with an insulation thickness of 32 cm Climatizer Plus by open blowing, we use 37 m3 insulation with a density of 38 kg/m3. From the point of view of the economy, these are costs in the amount of approx. CZK 40,000 with VAT, including labour.

When will the investment return?

When will the invested money return to the owners of the house? What is the return on investment?

Price for heating with the current state of the family house21 000 CZK/year
The investment in thermal insulation is40 000 CZK
Price for heating after insulation0,52 × 21 000 = 10 000 CZK/year
Heating savings11 000 CZK/year
Return on investment40 000 / 11 000 = 3,6 years