Insulation of every detail

Insulate every crevice without thermal bridges? Yes, blown insulation can do it.

Zateplíme každý detail se správnou objemovou hmotností
We insulate every detail with the right bulk density.

One of the main advantages of blown insulation is the possibility of insulating crevices and spaces that are very laborious or not reachable at all with insulation in rolls or boards. The material of blown cellulose insulation Climatizer Plus perfectly fills all spaces around wooden beams, rafters and other load-bearing elements. The blown insulation Climatizer Plus made of natural fibres fills every gap, every crevice and spaces.

Roofs where every detail cannot be insulated without blown insulation

E.g., roofs made of lattice trusses have so many elements around which insulation in the form of rolls or boards must be circumcised that even with the great care and work discipline of the workers, the result is never 100%. The laboriousness of cutting out details in the insulating rolls or boards leads in the best case to the cost of the insulated structure, in the worst case to the careless design of the insulation and generates problems in the structure in the future.

Správné provedení izolace vazníkové střechy
Proper insulation of the truss roof with Climatizer Plus blown insulation
Špatně provedená izolace vazníkové střechy
Poorly insulated truss roof with plate or rolled insulation

Thermal bridge? What is it?

  • a place that is not sufficiently insulated like other parts of the roof, wall, etc.
  • a place where the most heat produced escapes
  • a place that is not cost effective
  • a place where cold from the outside penetrates and where moisture can condense on cold days
  • a place where mould and defects on the structure first appear
  • a place where you will start reconstruction again in a few years