Blown insulation – price is not the only advantage!

What is blown insulation? Blown insulation is a classic building insulation that is applied to the building in a special way (by blowing) with the help of a machine.

The insulation material that is used for this blown application is produced on the production plant. There are various forms of blown insulation based on cellulose, mineral wool, polystyrene or wood fibre on the market. Due to the blowing technology used for this application, the construction is truly insulated with a perfect insulation leaving no gaps ,filling all non-accessible places guaranteed with no waste material. In most cases, no complex dismantling of the structure is required for this insulation application, resulting in minimum disturbance to the householder or business that are having the work done.

Blown thermal insulation is a popular topic discussed on many well-known TV shows. Czech television often broadcasts about isolation in the “Chalupa je hra” program, Nova television in the “Rady ptáka Loskutáka” program, and PRIMA TV in the Prime Ideas Recipe. Another way to gain more knowledge on the properties of blown insulation is from watching short videos on Detailed information is also available on the Wikipedia portal.

Price and blown insulation

The price of blown insulation can be obtained by contacting the manufacturer or application companies. The price quoted for the blown cellulose insulation – CLIMATIZER PLUS, blown mineral wool CLIMASTONE, blown graphite polystyrene CLIMASTYREN or wood fibre CLIMAWOOD will also include the labour costs for the application. A big advantage of using blown insulation is a saving of up to 60% of heating in the home. The return on costs for insulation is as early as 3 years! Another advantage of using blown insulation is a waste-free technology. When using this insulation in the house, no complex dismantling of the structure is required. The application is quick process with minimal interruption to the customer. Insulating the floor of the house can be done perfectly in 3 hours. The Blown-in insulation is cost-effective even though being applied by professional installers.

Insulation of the house with blown insulation

Blown insulation can be used in new constructions and renovations. The Insulation can be used for insulation in family houses, panel houses, schools, historical buildings, production and storage halls, entertainment and sports centres. If it is technologically appropriate, it can be applied to both horizontal and inclined or vertical structures. Blown insulation is suitable for insulating all parts of the house, such as the floor, ceiling, attic, wall or roof. This blown insulation is perfectly applied in non-accessible places – this creates insulation without gaps. The advantage of blown insulation is that its application can be applied to insulate hammered trusses and attic spaces of wooden buildings.

For example, in low-energy houses, the application provides an insulation thickness of up to 40 cm with no exception. Due to the application of the blown insulation, it is possible to insulate the panel house, insulating the roof and walls of the building.

Blown insulation CLIMATIZER PLUS

CLIMATIZER PLUS cellulose insulation fibre is pleasant to the touch and an environmentally friendly ecological product that is harmless to health. The cellulose has an extremely long-life span, excellent thermal properties and excellent fire resistance and significantly reduces heating costs. The blown cellulose insulation CLIMATIZER PLUS is primarily produced from selected recycled newsprint. During the production process mineral salts are added for fires resistance and fungal/insect protection that meets all technical requirements.

The production of Climatizer Plus started in the 1970s in Canada and since 1991 has been produced in our manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic at CIUR a.s. The insulation is produced according to ČSN EN ISO 9001 quality management. CIUR exports the insulation to 25 countries around the world. CLIMATIZER PLUS provides a 20-year guarantee with its application. Due to an extensive network of partners the insulation can be carried out in many large cities such as Prague, Brno, Ostrava or anywhere in the Czech Republic. The Insulation is registered in the New Green Savings subsidy program. More information is available on the manufacturer’s website.

propertiespolystyrene foamglass-mineral woolBlown cellulose insulation
thermal insulationYESYESYES
acoustic insulationYESYESYES
coefficient of thermal conductivity [W/m.K]0,036 – 0,0450,039 – 0,0410,035 – 0,039
specific heat capacity1270 J.Kg-1.K-1920 J.Kg-1.K-11907 J.Kg-1.K-1
environmentally friendly productNONE (formaldehyde)YES
burnout resistancelowmiddlehigh
flame spread>0*0 (material does not spread flame)0 (material does not spread flame)
the difficulty of installing insulationdifficult (must disassemble the structure)difficult (must disassemble the structure)easy (no need to disassemble the structure)
application speedby constructionby constructionvery fast
restrictions during installationYESYESNO
unused paid leftovers (offcuts, etc.)scrapsscrapsNO
settlementNEANONE (when applying to
perfect sealing of the space with insulationNE (thermal bridges between the boards)NE (thermal bridges between the boards)ANO (homogenous material)
pest resistanceYESYESYES
resistance to fungiYESYESYES