Insulation of vertical walls

We insulate every area of vertical walls and vertical structures with blown insulation.

The walls are an important feature of the building. The insulation of the walls with Climatizer Plus provides superior decrement delay, whilst also providing thermal comfort in both summer and winter months, making it the best insulation for a healthy home.

Wall insulation using filling holes

The Insulation installer company will prepare the area to enable injection of the insulation via holes in the wall and blow in the insulation in into the cavity via a hose & nozzle as both inside and outside of the property.

Wall insulation using a machine infill plate

In the case of a prefabricated house, the wall can be filled with Climatizer Plus® insulation directly at the factory. In the production process, the walls are filled with a machine filling board.

The patented EASYFLOC filler plate is a fast and reliable part of the prefabricated house production line.

Plnicí deska EASYFLOC
EASYFLOC filling plate
plnicí deska EASYFLOC - naplněná stěna
Filled wall