Healthy blown insulation

Climatizer Plus is a healthy insulation for your home.

Insulation that is environmentally efficient, easy application and is always free from mould.

Provides Energy Savings

Take care of the heat in the house and don’t let it run, popularly called, through the “chimney”.

Climatizer Plus® is an environmentally efficient product with a 20-year warranty included. Climatizer Plus® offers a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation and can be applied to many applications – houses, apartments, kindergartens, schools and offices, agricultural, economic and industrial buildings, public buildings and all wooden buildings as a modern material on a natural basis, recyclable and ecological. The product can also be applied within many different applications – sloping roofs, lofts, walls and interior walls and ceilings.

Heat and energy

Heat and energy

  • Offers energy savings when used
  • Can be used in various areas
  • Restricts heat loss through the property
  • About the New Green Savings Program
Health and comfort

Health and comfort

  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Seasonally efficient – keeps the property warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Can be applied to all new build homes, apartments, offices before occupation
Ecology and production

Ecology and production

  • Ecologically good for our environment
  • How to produce blown insulation Climatizer Plus
  • Process of thermal insulation of the house with blown insulation
  • 20-year warranty
Technical properties

Technical properties

  • Unique properties of blown insulation
  • Acoustic properties of blown insulation
  • Climatizer well resists to fire
  • Types of blown insulations

We carry out the complete applications in as little as 3 hours

Climatizer Plus is a quick and efficient method to insulate your home. Application can be done in a number of methods and can be completed within hours in certain circumstances. It provides a number of benefits – keeps buildings warm in winter, cool in summer and offers greater fire resistance. Resistant to moisture, fungi, rodents and other vermin.