Production of blown insulation

The notorious idea of sorting waste and affirmative action on how to behave environmentally is one thing. Each of us likes to do things that have meaning. But do you know for what purpose this great nature-saving act of yours will be used in the future?

1We personally arrange the collection of the raw materials from local companies.

The raw material used for the production of our Climatizer Plus product is made from newsprint which is collected locally. Waste is kept minimal at all times. Another raw material will be used for CIUR products such as granules for asphalt mixtures, substrates for agricultural crops and sprouts, litter for pets and a number of other CIUR products. We work closely with local schools to collect all the unused paper and have located lockable paper waste containers for their convenience.

2We load the raw material onto our sorting line

The raw materials are loaded directly onto our sorting line. We have the technology in place to remove any potential contamination and this is also reinforced by visual checks taking place by trained personal.

Preparation of raw materials before sorting
Sorting line

3Packaging and labelling of sorted raw materials

Once the raw material passes through the sorting line, it is provided with a label that defines its further use. Each sorted bale is therefore clearly identifiable and the raw material is marked with a date, unique codes, composition and other important data for the production process.

We press the sorted raw material into bales
We label the type of raw material

4Pulping of the raw material and production of the product

The process continues in the production plant, where the bales with sorted raw materials are transported. The raw material is pulped and the product is produced. Some products, such as the insulation production line, various additives and mixtures are added to the material, which must be added to the products to increase fire resistance, rodent resistance, etc.

Production plant
…this is where the final product is created

5Product packaging

Once the product completes its production stage, it will then be packaged accordingly to the product. All our products are packaged individually to reach allowed compression and utilise maximum space and weight during transport.

Climatizer Plus Packaging
…You can store in the rain for up to 6 months however undercover is preferable.

6Product marking with unique codes

Wrapped and palletized packages with Climatizer Plus will once again receive a unique production code, which primarily indicates the date and time of the manufactured material. This makes the product clearly identifiable from its raw material. From the production stage, the entire palletized packages are sometimes stored in our warehouse facility or shipped immediately to destinations around the world.

We carefully record the samples of each product
Climatizer Plus®

…and finally, a production video