Insulation of schools and kindergartens

Schools and kindergartens belong to our children.

Their indispensability is more than desirable. Children and teachers must feel completely at ease and comfortable in these buildings. They simply must not be too cold or too hot.

New buildings are still plentiful in the Czech Republic, but it is still possible to insulate such buildings with high-quality insulation, to which blown insulation certainly belongs. After all, we want to protect children in hot days, but also in the winter months. If someone points out that they don’t study during the holidays, all the teachers will certainly oppose you. The unbearable heat, which today begins in May and ends in October, cannot be endured in overheated buildings, let alone keep children’s attention.

Air conditioning is not the solution. No parent wants to expose their child to a noisy air conditioner all day, which will only make the child moan and have a cold during the holidays. Instead of air conditioning, Climatizer Plus® insulation is suitable.

Selected references

We have already insulated many schools and kindergartens, here are some examples of them. You can find more in our references.

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