Insulation of a family house

A family house is a building with at least two levels above-ground or some underground floors. An attic with a gable roof gives extra space where it can be used as an extra room/bedroom comfortably when insulated with a quality insulation.

To prevent the attic space room overheating on the summer months the attic must have high-quality insulation. By using Climatizer Plus insulation with its high-density fill will help stabilise temperatures in the attic preventing overheating and maintains temperatures throughout the year.

Climatizer Plus® insulation prevents overheating and prevents heat penetration into the attic. Using a high-quality insulation will avoid the need for using an air conditioning system whilst improve a buildings energy efficiency. Climatizer Insulation is the perfect insulation partner for an attic room application.

Another benefit of using a high-quality insulation such as Climatier Plus insulation is a significant reduction in heating costs.

“Šumperák“ with a double-skinned roof

A phenomenon of the 70s and 80s the years of the last century. The family houses, the so-called “Šumperák” or V-type family house, were created during socialism, and several thousand of them successfully remain unchanged throughout the Czech Republic.

Šumperák has a double-skinned roof. What is it and how to insulate it? The insulation is applied between two shells, where the upper layer is ventilated. This prevents the accumulation of moisture.

Climatizer Plus and Šumperák can create a mutual partnership. With it, Šumperák fights the heat in summer and saves money on heating in winter. They operate on the same wavelength all year round

Selected references

We have already insulated a lot of family houses, here are some examples. You can find more in our references.

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