Facade and wall insulation

A well-insulated building provides the homeowner with the certainty of minimal energy independence.

Energy independence is a new term that is the opposite of energy intensity. Energy-intensive buildings logically consume a lot of energy, from a financial point of view, it is very costly for the homeowner, which we heat up in the winter and cool down in the summer. Yes, the big question mark in recent years is the issue of global warming and ever-increasing temperatures during the summer.

Overheating and subsequent cooling of premises is much more energy-intensive than heating. How to help yourself. Use materials with a high specific heat capacity. This being cellulose-based blown insulation.

Wall or projecting facade of new buildings and existing houses

How to insulate a wall or a projecting facade of a house? A technician’s inspection or proposal is required. Together with you, he will decide where and how the construction site will be heated.

Projected facade

The facade will always be insulated from the outside. The application can be carried out by gradually applying the facade parts from the lower cladding to the highest part of the wall. You don’t have to worry about thermal bridges. A professional Insulation Installer company has the required machinery and injection nozzles required for insulating hard-to-reach places.


When insulating walls, there are two approaches to insulation: external insulation, which has minimal disruption to the householder or owners of the building, and internal insulation, which can be carried out regardless of the weather outside. Both methods of insulation are carried out in pre-prepared holes, covered with special end caps. These ends ensure maximum insulation in every area, in every place. It is a quick and waste-free application.

The wall of a Timber Frame building

Cavity filling hole with blown insulation
Closed hole after application

The wall of a Timber Frame building, existing or new, is done in the same way as mentioned in the previous description. However, the wall of a Timber Frame building can also be filled in the production process of such a prefabricated Timber Frame building. CIUR is the supplier of the EASYFLOC filling machine plate. Machine filling directly in the factory is calculated in seconds.

EASYFLOC – machine filling of panels
EASYFLOC – machine filling of panels