Insulation of double-layer roofs

Blown-in insulation perfectly insulates a double-skinned roof and ensures a complete coverage of the area leaving no gaps or cracks whilst remaining functional and providing perfect ventilation.

Cimatizer Insulation is the perfect option for a happy household.

A very simple guide is the insulation of a two-layer roof. Roofs of this type have ventilation holes. These helps control the possible moisture levels in the cavity. For pitched roofs, it is Unpreferred way of insulation. Double-skinned roofs work on the principle of: using an energy sufficient insulation rather than a standard insulation and having to maintain the ventilation of any moisture.

Blown Insulation of double-skinned roofs is a simple way and perfect insulation to control heat in summer and winter months that significantly reduces heating costs in the building.

Insulation of a double-skinned roof with Climatizer Plus® – a breathable insulation ensuring longevity of the structure controlling moisture levels removing any risk of mould growth, rot or structural damage.
Insulation of a double-skinned roof with mineral insulation made of glass fibre – will not provide the reassurances of no risk of mould or rot of the structure.
Insulation of a panel house in Nepomucká street – insulation of double-skinned roofs
Procedure for insulating the floor of an apartment building with Climatizer Plus® blown insulation