Insulation of the attic

The attic in the house is uninhabited space.

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Insulation of attic by open blowing

The attic used to be used as a storage for hay, grain and other raw materials that were managed during the winter. The hay was a natural insulator above the living quarters. Natural insulation of natural character, that’s how it used to be. But how is it in the era of modern construction? The healthy blown insulation of Climatizer Plus® follows the natural principles of insulation of past centuries.

The attic is insulated by open blowing

Attic areas are used today to store unnecessary things. The attic still separates the heated and outdoor space. It is a space that is supposed to slow down the cold temperature in winter or the extreme heat in the summer months. Attic insulation is carried out at the level of its floor. And that between beams, truss or rafter wooden beams. Part or the entire area can be insulated and equipped with footbridges or storage platforms.

Attic insulation with healthy insulation – open blowing