Keeping your home warm in winter

Climatizer Plus will help keep your house warm. The insulation prevents the formation of thermal bridges.

Residential and commercial premises will be cool during the night and this will reduce the overall temperature of the building. Installing Climatizer Plus will greatly reduce the amount of heat loss through walls and ceilings.

Climatizer Plus® produced by CIUR is made of natural fibres and has unique properties in minimising heat loss in a property.

Climatizer Plus prevents heat leakage

Plate type insulation cannot prevent thermal bridges.
When installing Climatizer Plus, thermal bridges are not formed.

Climatizer Plus is a very unique type of home insulation that helps to maintain the inside ambient temperature. When the roof, walls and ceilings are insulated with Climatizer Plus, it will improve in the keeping the property warm in winter and cool in summer. Installation of Climatizer Plus will greatly improve the overall heat loss percentage in a property by containing the warm air inside and keeping the cold out. There will also be a reduction in heating costs.

How Climatizer Plus accumulates heat and saves your money.