Healthy house insulation

Our production process places a large emphasis on the health and wellbeing of the entire family. No more allergies in children, mould in the house…

Healthy family in a healthy house in a healthy environment. Free of mould and allergens – the home that each of us longs for. Residing in an insulated home offers many benefits, not only to our family’s health, easy on our pockets but also to the highly beneficial to the environment.

Insulation helps to protects our health and nature

Thermal insulation reduces the humidity in the home, solves any issues with mould, and is environmentally friendly with its ecology and natural recycled raw material.

Climatizer Plus thermal insulation offers many advantages in preventing moisture and condensation in your home giving a pleasant and comforting condition in all rooms.

It can handle moisture in the structure

Natural insulation can reduce water vapor in the structure and can control moisture level. If necessary, Climatizer Plus absorbs moisture and transfers it to the interior in the hot summer, and leads it outdoors in the winter and cold months of the year. Prevents condensation and moisture in the structure and on the wall surface. Thus preventing mould and rot!

Certainly not like this:

Mould in the construction with missing insulation
Condensed moisture in the structure with missing insulation
Representation of thermal bridges and potential places for mould formation using a thermal camera