Protection from heat in summer

Many buildings during the warmer summer months can become unbearably warm – Climatizer Plus offers a solution for this.

Correct installation of our Climatizer Plus insulation product allows for the building to be well insulated and can help protect from severe heat and keep the temperature inside a building much cooler.

Overheating of buildings in the summer months is becoming more and more common, but with the Climatizer Plus never again. Are you bothered by the exhausting summer heat? The interior of the attic and often the ground floor gets so warm during the day that people suffer from discomfort and sleep deficit. The house doesn’t even cool down enough at night, and it’s already another exhausted hot day.

Do you know the insulation that cools in the summer?

Climatizer Plus natural cellulose insulation, retains heat for up to 7 hours, it prevents attics and loft spaces from overheating in the summer months. Soft PUR foam retains heat just for approx. 1.14 hours with the same thickness of insulation in the roof.

Climatizer Plus blown insulation is made of natural fibres and has unique properties that can considerably delay the penetration of heat through the roof. Installation means that the roof or ceiling structure which has Climatizer Plus installed, prevents and assists in maintaining a cooler temperature inside the building.

Climatizer Plus can also assist in the winter months in keeping the building retain heat.

Climatizer Plus offers greater insulation values than most other options for keeping your property cooler during the summer months. Installation is more competitive than other options such as Air conditioning.

Climatizer Plus offers an Environmentally friendly, competitive and beneficial option in keeping buildings cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter.

You can have insulation with Climatizer Plus and be cool during the summer heat. Or buy another insulation, with which it will be unbearable in the summer. It means getting a noisy and unpleasant air conditioner for it. So, the choice is to sleep in peace, quiet and comfortably. Or not to sleep with a noisy air conditioner. The choice is clear.

Effectively resists the heat, with Climatizer Plus insulation you will sleep well in the summer. No more sleepless nights.