Environmentally friendly product

Saving nature as much as possible is part of the basic philosophy of our company.

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CIUR a.s. was the first company in the history of the Czech Republic to be awarded the label of “Ecologically friendly product”.

Ecology is part of the philosophy with many of our products having a very low ecological footprint. Our recycling program enables a waste product to be used in many different ways and prevents the disposal in landfill.

CIUR a.s. has obtained the prestigious European NaturePlus certification for its Climatizer Plus product. The label is a European alternative to our Ecologically friendly product label.

Building insulation

The circular economy works even without subsidies. We are proud to be a part of the Circular Economy Best Practice initiative and continue to look at innovative ways to improve this process.

The company does not produce materials that would damage the environment and with which nature would not be able to cope. Our Climatizer Plus insulation is a proven product that transfers a waste product into an Environmentally and Ecological Product that has many benefits.

In the field of thermal insulation materials, the environmentally friendly Climatizer Plus product is ready for the beginning of the new decade. With 2020, only zero, energy-self-sufficient passive houses for our housing will start. Climatize Plus is a natural product with ecologically functional involvement in the life cycle or our planet Earth.

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Products with this logo demonstrate:

  • Energy saving products that help the climate
  • Provides a healthy home environment
  • Sustainable product