Professional complete application

CIUR a.s. has its own application centre and network of partner companies professionally applying Climatizer Plus – healthy blown insulation designed for insulation, soundproofing, fire protection of the house and protection against mould, rot and pests.

CIUR a.s. realizes orders not only throughout the Czech Republic, but also worldwide. All this with a tradition since 1991! Our products are suitable for reconstructions and new buildings (family, residential, and recreational houses, wooden buildings, commercial, industrial, sports and agricultural buildings).

A team of certified experts

The application centre has a team of experts – designers, technicians, trained craftsmen, who will visit you free of charge and assess the possibilities of suitable use of insulation. If necessary, these experts will carry out a probe into the structure in question free of charge and will comfort you of any problems detected which will need to be rectified.

Our experts will also be happy to help you obtain suitable financing for your insulation, or recommend a suitable active grant program.

You will not save by self-insulation, on the contrary!

We receive frequently asked questions from do-it-yourselfers why they cannot buy Climatizer Plus in a store. They find it unnecessary to pay extra for the application company, they want to apply the insulation themselves. Then why?

Can I apply Climatizer Plus on my own?

Properly functioning insulation requires the use of special single-purpose machines during application. The correct bulk density and even distribution of the insulation must be observed, which cannot be achieved by yourself.

How long does isolation take?

In a few hours, everything is done at the family house (3-4 hours).

Construction preparation costs?


How much can I save?

35–60 % of energy costs for heating.

How much will the work cost me?

The price already includes work for the application of insulation. No extra work and no extra costs!

What is my advantage and certainty?

20-year warranty. The longest warranty on the insulation market.

Video about the process of insulation of a family house