The best-selling blown insulation on the market.

  • Saves up to 60 % on energy costs
  • "Nová Zelená Úsporám" program includes a


  • Fast application process
  • Fire resistant
  • Resistant to rodents and martens
  • Insulates floors, ceilings and walls, without thermal bridges
  • Ecological and healthy insulation

  • Unbeatable 20-year warranty

guarantee and quality control


What is blown insulation

The insulation is blown into the building cavity via specialized application process.

Our Climatizer Plus insulation can provide up to 35% savings on energy costs and up to 60% if the entire structure is insulated.

The application process with Climatizer Plus is quick and efficient.

Suitable building applications?

Comparison of blown insulations

Climatizer Plus® Glass / mineral PUR foam
Isolation in winter
Cool in summer
Acoustic insulation
20-year warranty
Moisture wicking
Ecological product

Additional blown insulation



Blown cellulose insulation

Blown wood fibre insulation

Blown mineral glass insulation

Blown graphite polystyrene

Blown mineral insulation