Insulation of a panel house

Blown-in thermal insulation has been used for several decades all over the world to insulate prefab houses, residential buildings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings. Due to the blowing technology used in the application the construction is fully insulated – providing no gaps in the insulation, this is guaranteed even in the non-accessible places with no waste material.  In most cases, no dismantling of the structure necessary during the insulation application, resulting in minimum disturbance to the householder or business that are having the work done.  This insulation is also called a cavity wall insulation.

The same insulation can also be used to insulate roofs, walls and floors.  More often, Climatizer Plus blown insulation being used for floor and roof insulation. If the attic space is non-accessible then blown in material insulation is the perfect solution.  When the attic space is accessible and used blown in thermal insulation can be injected into the grid system of the boarded floor.

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The danger of water condensation in the double-surface roof of a residential building

Climatizer Plus insulation is designed to reduce condensation. The designed use of the internal vapour control layers and external breathable layers ensures longevity of the structures, removing interstitial condensation risk and the potential for mould growth or structural damage.

It can be avoided if the roof is adequately and properly ventilated.

In the ventilated gap under the roof, the insulation can continuously dry out. The rate of drying of water from the insulation is, however, very different depending on the type of material used. If the insulation is damp or wet for a long time, there is an increased chance for mould to grow if there is high humidity in the roof space, and thus the risk of the wooden roof and ceiling having problems with wood-rotting fungi and pests.

With a healthy building there is a natural fluctuation of moisture levels within a building that begins at the construction stage and continues throughout its lifetime. The hygroscopic properties of Climatizer Plus insulation helps this moisture to naturally migrate to the outside of the building fabric without building up on structural elements.

Insulation of a panel house in Nepomucká Street – insulation of a double-surface roof

Selected references

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