Floor and ceiling insulation

Floor and ceiling

If the ceiling is also the floor in the house, it means that it separates two rooms in the house. These two rooms can also have different heating modes or can serve other purposes, and we require them to provide the much-desired acoustic comfort. What does it mean? Even if the rooms are heated above each other or have slightly different temperatures, they do not require great insulation requirements between them. So why is Climatizer Plus indispensable here too? In terms of noise.

Soundproofing of the floor

If we apply Climatizer Plus in the structure of the beamed ceiling or in the cavity of the floor, we will thereby increase their soundproofing. Technically speaking, we will materialize them, increase the volumetric weight. The insulation does not allow material noise to penetrate, Climatizer Plus it has acoustic properties that reduce noise levels within the rooms of the buildings.

additional ceiling insulation

Floor on the terrain

We will insulate the floor using the so-called volumetric cavity filling method. There is no known better way to insulate joist floors than the system of blowing these areas with Climatizer Plus healthy blown insulation. It fills every crevice, every detail of the cavity. Filling is carried out by injection of the insulation material in pre-prepared holes. An experienced Insulation Installer company knows best the method of how many and where the openings should be. The work is then clean and fast, without no waste material or mess.