Fire resistance

Climatizer Plus is a fire-resistant and fire-safe insulation.

We tested the fire resistance of the most popular insulations on the Czech market

Thanks to manufacturing modifications, the insulation is fire resistant

Climatizer Plus® has one of the outstanding properties in terms of fire safety. Due to special production modifications, it becomes fire-resistant and slowly chars from the surface, it does not burn with a direct flame. The gradual burn-off thus gives the structure time to withstand a dangerous fire.

Myths about the fire safety

There are many myths surrounding healthy Climatizer Plus® blown insulation. Fire safety myths are among the most widespread. However, our cavity-applied materials, when dry, have a laboratory-verified fire reaction class B, which is more than three degrees higher than other foam-based materials. The company CIUR a.s. takes a very responsible approach to the issue of fire resistance.

Durability of 60 minutes is well above average

Constructions using a healthy blown insulation can withstand a fire for more than 60 minutes. It therefore protects your property and your lives.

A test-verified Timber Frame construction is an example of this.