House Insulating Process

Insulating a new or older house – Climatizer Plus can improve efficiency.

When making the decision to insulate your home, the installation of Climatizer Plus can provide many benefits. Keeping the home warmer in winter months and cooler during the hot warm summers, this will drastically reduce energy costs for heating and cooling.

1Confirming the house construction type

First of all, it is advisable to find out what type of roof structure it has and invite one of the application companies, which can be found in all regions of the Czech Republic, for a no-obligation consultation on how the insulation could be carried out. In older houses, it is often possible to see planks or concrete screed from the attic. This must be removed in one place and the cavity opened so that a hose with blown insulation can be inserted into it. One of our approved installation teams will confirm if your property is suitable for our Climatizer Plus product. This is no charge for this service.

2We will check the condition and quality of the existing insulation

In some newer houses, the ceiling is made of plasterboard or other material suspended under the trusses. These ceilings are often poorly insulated with polystyrene or glass mineral wool. This is also a construction suitable for adding blown insulation.

3Arrival of an assembly / an application company

Then all that remains is the arrival of the assembly – application company, which will carry out the work. A truck with an application machine stands in front of the house and the insulation is transported to the prepared areas with a hose. The usual layer of Climatizer Plus insulation is from 20 to 30 cm. The insulating properties are excellent.

4The application machine ensures the correct density

Climatizer Plus is poured into the application machine from bags, the number of which the customer can check after finishing the work and thereby verify the correctness of the billed price, which is only estimated in advance. The application is carried out by specially trained installer companies.

5The insulation is filled into cavities or by open blowing

If the ceiling is hollow and the insulation can be filled in, it is possible to blow the insulation from one opening to a distance of approximately 4 m on each side and control the filling well. The insulation is blown into the cavities through access points depending on the location.

6A complete insulating layer without thermal bridges is created

After blowing the insulation, a complete insulation layer is formed without thermal bridges. ls. At the same time, it is a natural, ecological material that works well with the wooden bond, quickly removes moisture and thus ensures a long service life of insulated structures.

7The open blown insulation can be folded in for further use of the loft

If the customer is considering further use of the attic space, either for storing things or for future residential use, in cases where the insulation cannot be filled into the structure, it is possible to subsequently cover it with a diffusion-open membrane and cover it with wooden planks or boards.

8The same is also for other types of structures

Similar to horizontal surfaces, it is also possible to proceed with the reconstruction of attics or the insulation of sloping parts of roofs. Climatizer Plus is well applied in a suitable combination with a safety membrane or a diffusely open plate on the roof flap. The insulation is perfect in every detail.

9…or for double-surface roofs

Roofs whose surface is double and the cavity is poorly insulated are easily renovated in terms of thermal insulation properties by adding Climatizer Plus to the original insulation layer. In all cases, it is a good idea to consult with a specialist company for pre-planned work and always check whether newly insulated structures are well ventilated above the insulation.

Contact a company trained and certified by the manufacturer

Insulating the roof with Climatizer Plus is a suitable way to achieve the savings required to obtain a subsidy in the Green Savings Program. Insulate in thicknesses of at least 20 cm, it is advantageous and you will save significantly. The price of the Climatizer Plus, including commissioned work, is very favourable.